C8 Chu Bluk Cave is one of the prominent caves in the volcanic cave complex of Chu Bluk of Dak Nong. Exploring C8 Chu Bluk cave in detail, you need to learn a few outstanding features as well as the natural beauty, research value of this cave. Let’s find out later!



The history of the formation of the geological park area in general, The Cave in particular originated about 190 million years ago when it was still a large ocean. In particular, it is also found with traces of sedimentary rocks, chamomile flowers and other fossils. In addition, scientists have demonstrated teeth about 10,000 years ago, when volcanic lavas were still active, making up southeast Asia’s largest volcanic cave complex.

The longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia
Southeast Asia’s longest volcanic cave

At the same time, traces of prehistoric humans were also discovered in this unique volcanic cave area. The volcanic caves in the UNESCO Dak Nong Global Geopark area have so far been identified only in relation to Tram Blang in Buon Choah commune, Krong Noi district with a total length of nearly 10,000m of the system of nearly 50 caves.


Dak Nong Geological Park covers an area of 4600 km2, Dak Nong Geological Park is considered as one of the potential locations for scientific research in the field of geology. Located in the southwest of the Central Highlands land which is famous for its unspoiled beauty but also very majestic, the Park is an ideal conquering point for those who like to explore adventure.

Dak Nong Geological Park also stands out for its massive cave system, there are many caves that also hold many rankings on the cave rankings in the world. Along with the discovery of many archaeological values, geology has helped this place add value. Dak Nong Geological Park is one of the places that is highly appreciated by scientists with 9 different types of heritage from local to international levels.

Cave C8 Chu Trok
Dak Nong Global Geopark

It took more than 7 years, Vietnamese scientists (under the Vietnam Geological Museum). The scientists completed measurements and experiments for specific data in 6 caves A1, C3,C6,C7,C8, C9. These caves feature a stream of upside-down lava, creating unique architectural layers and majestic volcanic views. Of which:

  • Cave A1: The fifth largest lava cave in Southeast Asia (456.7m in length)
  • Cave C3: Lava cave ranked second in length in Southeast Asia (length 594.4m)
  • Cave C6: a rare cave with a gas hole like a skylight and the discovery of prehistoric human remains
  • C7 Cave: The longest cave in the population is also the longest volcanic cave in Southeast Asia with a length of 1066.5m
  • Cave C8: the cave with sunlight shining in creates a unique landscape
  • Cave C9: the tallest cave in the Chu Bluk volcanic cave complex.

Cave C8 Chu Trok

C8 Chu Bluk Cave is one of the caves in the volcanic cave complex of Chu Bluk . Chu Bluk volcano has the location of nine onions in Buon Choah commune, Krong Nong district, Dak Nong province with the coordinates of the cave door with the northern latitude is:

  • X: 12°29’4.86″ north latitude
  • Y: 107°56’25.66″ East longitude
Cave C8 Chu Trok
C8 Chu Bluk Cave – volcanic cave with unique scenery

It can be said that the C8 Chu Bluk volcanic cave was formed due to the upper reaches of volcanic lava with high flow, high temperature, rich in gases and steam flowing from the southeast to the northwest. The upper air arches are caused by lava accumulating and forming. In cave C8 there is a very unique structure of seashells upstream. The upper part of the cave also has a number of books that make a significant amount of vegetarian lava into the cave, creating lava nodes.


To explore cave C8, we can start moving from cave C9. To reach cave C8 is not too difficult because around the road is mostly empty land with low grass. Cave C8 is quite beautiful due to its unique structure, green plant system along with volcanic rocks of all different sizes.

The door of C8 Chu Bluk cave is actually due to the main nature of the air hole that escapes when the volcanic lava flowing out due to collapse, weathering. The interior is divided into 4 other cave doors with a tubular and vertical shape. Standing from above carefully observing the direction before entering the cave, the entrance is large and small lava rocks piled on top of each other scattered everywhere and covered on large fern bushes.

Krong Noi Volcanic Cave
The beauty inside the C8 Chu Bluk Cave

Inside the C8 Cave, there is also a skylight, a beautiful check-in location when coming to the volcanic cave system. Not only that, from above looking down, we can see large and small lava rocks piled on top of each other. Above, the fern bushes, lush spike wires crowded to grow. Therefore, when passing through these places, you have to move slowly, lower people, pull ferns and wild trees with your hands to observe the direction ahead.

Not only that, on the left side of C8 Bluk Cave, you can also see another cave door no less unique. Because the upper soil is quite high, the sunlight outside shines straight down creating sparkling lights, as opposed to the dim space inside. This gave the bottom of the cave a large area of light.

Krong Noi Volcanic Cave
C8 Chu Bluk cave

Unlike the rest of the caves, C8 Chu Bluk cave goes deeper into the dead end. Therefore, it takes us more time to get back to the mouth of the cave and get out. However, surely, the beauty of this cave will not disappoint you. The journey to the cave C8 Chu Bluk cave will help them have more valuable experiences.

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