When traveling to Phu Quy Island, you should not miss the Beach of Trieu Duong Bay. This place has unspoiled, poetic natural beauty with white beaches, clear blue sea to the bottom, is a suitable place for your and your family’s vacation.


Where is Trieu Duong Bay located?

Trieu Duong Beach is located in Trieu Duong Bay, Tam Thanh commune, located in Phu Quy island district, Binh Thuan province. It is about 1km from Phu Quy Island.

You can come here by buying a mid-speed train ticket from Phan Thiet port to Phu Quy port and then you can rent a car to tour around the island and can visit this beautiful Trieu Duong beach.

Chaoyang Bay
Trieu Duong Bay

When is the best time to go to Trieu Duong Bay?

Trieu Duong Bay is located in Phu Quy Island, the most beautiful time to go to Phu Quy Island is in the dry season, which is around April to August, at this time it is in the beautiful sunny season, the calm sea is very suitable for island sea trips.

If you go into the remaining months, the weather will be more likely to rain, but if you pay attention to the weather forecast, it will not affect the trip too much.

Trieu Duong Bay
Sunset at the bay

The beauty of Trieu Duong

Trieu Duong Bay is a beach with a long moon sand that looks endless, blue sea water, waves are hit by light winds from the waves to the shore suitable for walking or bathing, immersed in cool water villages.

On the beach, there are also rows of coconuts, opposite is the Painting of Hoa Son located opposite, all of which create a wild, poetic picture as painted.

Chaoyang Bay
Take a walk at the Bay.

When coming to this bay, you should not miss the sunset when the sun goes down. When the afternoon light falls behind the fishing village, the sun tries to afternoon a whole sea of Phu Quy is sketched to form a beautiful picture of the peaceful and peaceful life here.

Trieu Duong Bay is suitable for collective activities such as camping, teambuilding, picnics, barbecues,… suitable for groups of friends and family gathered to have fun, relax the soul after the troubles out there.

What to eat in Trieu Duong Bay?

Eating on Phu Quy Island in general and Trieu Duong Bay are generally seafood dishes on the island, these types of seafood depending on the season as well as the fishermen on the island catch. You can pre-order from the fishermen on the island to be able to enjoy the freshest seafood on the island.

  • Huynh Emperor Crab
  • Moon Crab
  • Grouper
  • Mo Mo Rock
  • lobster
  • Squid pipe etc.
Chaoyang Bay
Seafood in Trieu Duong Bay

Trieu Duong Bay on Phu Quy Island is a beautiful beach with pristine white sand stretching like infinity, clear blue sea village is a place you can not miss when visiting Phu Quy Island. Besides Trieu Duong Bay, Phu Quy Island also has other locations such as Vinh Hang, Mr. Van An Thanh Fish Temple, Cat Peak, Slope Ph, Small Beach, wind power field,…

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