Summer has arrived, sea tourism is chosen by many people to avoid the hot heat of summer. However, if you still do not have island cruise experience, today’s article will share the island cruise experience to you, helping you have a full sea trip.


What season should I travel to the sea?

It is recommended to travel to the sea at any time of the year to have the best experience is the question of many tourists when wanting to travel to the sea and island cruise experience you can refer to the suggestions below, but note that there will be changes in each different sea so it is best to refer to the typical weather of your waters. I want to go.

island cruise experience
Hon Chua Island
  • From April to August:

This is the most beautiful time of the micro-waters this is the dry season, the clear sea water is accompanied by light winds and sea waves crashing so you do not need to worry too much about the weather when traveling to the sea this season.

However, this is also the time in the summer, the peak tourist season, so it is possible that the beaches will be quite crowded as well as the price of services may be slightly higher than usual on crowded days.

  • From January to April:

When you go at this time, the price will be quite good and visitors do not come through the east so it is easier to visit. However, sometimes there will be small rains, but it will not last too long. If you want to travel at this time, be sure to refer to the weather and island cruise experience before starting your journey.

What should sea travel be prepared for?

Here are a few essential items to prepare for sea travel:

  • Prepare sun protection: because the sun in the sea is quite harsh, it is good to prepare according to sunscreen, wide-brimmed hats, full hats to use.
  • Beachwear such as swimwear, swimming goggles,..
  • Sandals: You should not wear leather shoes, sneakers to the sea. It is recommended to buy sandals for lightness and let the legs be airy, easy to move.
sea travel experience
Island cruise experience – what to bring with you
  • To have beautiful photos, you should prepare photo pads, photo sticks, backup chargers, to facilitate the beautiful virtual river.
  • Drugs applied on the skin to prevent allergies and drugs that quickly get motion sickness, headaches, essential abdominal pain.
  • Personal items: shampoo towels, shower gel, toothbrushes. Most hotels are prepared, but you should also bring them with you for more peace of mind.

Tips when swimming in the sea

If you are not experienced in sea travel and swimming for the first time, you should note the following:

Do not swim alone, should go with 2-3 people and have a good swimmer, if you do not know how to swim, before going to the beach should learn to swim basically first.

island cruise experience – safe bathing
  • On the beach there is not always only sand, shells, thorny objects, garbage,.. It can injure you, so be careful when walking on the sand.
  • Do not bathe in areas with red flags, which are usually waters with offshore currents or quicksand, bathing in those waters is very dangerous.
  • Do not go to the beach when you are too hungry or too full or just finished sunbathing and do not dive for too long.
  • Remove important jewelry such as necklaces, watches, rings,… because it may get lost in the shower or the corrosive seawater rusts the jewelry.

What to eat when traveling to the sea?

Going to the sea, you must definitely eat seafood, you can find in front of seafood restaurants and set tables to always have a seat when you arrive. Or you can also buy fresh seafood and prepare immediately at the place to enjoy the freshest seafood.

sea travel experience
Island cruise experience – what to eat?

The sea tourism season has arrived, hopefully with the useful sharing of Island cruise experience above will help you can refer to and have a full sea trip.

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