Inside the Area of Ta Dung National Park, there is a place that is loved by tourists, dubbed “Ha Long Bay on land”, which is Ta Dung Lake. Not only famous for its charming scenery, but it also contains many biological and cultural values for the area. Let’s find out later!


Ta Dung National Park was formed on the basis of transfer from Ta Dung Nature Reserve. Ta Dung National Park belongs to Dak Plao commune, Dak Glong district, Dak Nong province, about 45km from Gia Nghia city. The total area of the garden is 22,103 hectares including mountains and lakes, of which the forest area accounts for about 86.7% of the hectares.

Ta Dung National Park is located in UNESCO Dak Nong Global Geopark, which is a place of high biological value with rich and diverse flora and fauna. Ta Dung is considered a landscape conservation area in the Dong Nai river basin area, where rare animals and plants are stored.

Ta Tung Lake
Ta Tung National Park
Ta Dung National Park
Ta Tung Lake

Ta Dung National Park is considered as an extremely attractive destination in Dak Nong, especially for nature lovers. Coming to this place, you not only enjoy the extremely fresh and cool air but also visit the pristine waterfall system but are endowed with beautiful shapes by nature.

In addition, in the garden there is a system of synthetic primeval forests with the intersection between the characteristics of the northern and southern forests. Therefore, visitors can observe the diversity of the forest system here.


Ta Dung Lake – “Ha Long Bay” on land unique

Ta Dung Lake – this strange place always has a strong attraction for those who like to travel, experience and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and forests.

Do you know where it is called Halong Bay of the Central Highlands? You will be surprised when you set foot here, there is a beautiful lake in the middle of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

Dubbed the “Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands”, in Dak Som commune, Dak G’long district, Dak Nong province, Ta Dung attracts visitors thanks to the clear blue water, flatened by countless small islands emerging. Ta Dung Lake is a valley on The Ta Dung Mountain consisting of 36 islands large and small, is the masterpiece of creation completely separate from the outside world.

the lake is insolent
The lake is seen from above.


  • “Ha Long Bay on land” of the Central Highlands
  • Dak Som Commune, Dak G’long District, Dak Nong Province
  • 36 islands, big and small.

Time to visit Ta Dung Lake

The ideal time to visit Ta Dung Lake is in the water tank season, from August to December. At that time, the lake water rises, clear green and the rains also make the trees on the small islands become green.

Move to Ta Dung Lake

There are two ways to get to The Lake. The first way is to follow QL14 towards Dak Nong, to Gia Nghia town to continue QL28 through Quang Khe district to Ta Dung. The second way is from TP. Ho Chi Minh followed QL20 to Di Linh, then from here according to QL28.

You should see Ta Dung Lake at high altitude, surely you will not be surprised by the beauty of more than 36 large and small islands, undulating on the lake. Here you can rent a boat to enjoy a peaceful moment on the calm lake.

Ta Dung Lake is located in Ta Dung National Park, which has long been a favorite destination for tourists with a passion for tourism associated with nature protection. It is not only famous for its beautiful natural beauty but also impressed by the cultural highlights and diversity in the ecosystem. Let’s find out later!

Diverse and rich flora and fauna

In the area of Ta Dung Lake, there is a diverse and rich ecosystem. According to the survey results of the Center for Biodiversity and Development, Ta Dung has 1,406 species of plants, of which, there are 89 rare species, need urgent protection to avoid extinction, 69 species are listed in the Red List of Vietnam, 27 species are listed in the IUCN Red List and 14 species are endangered, rare.

Pheasants in Ta Dung Lake

Fauna in Ta Dung Lake:

  • 574 species of 38 orders and 124 families
  • 37 species of rare animals
  • Many species are in the “red book” of Vietnam and the world: leopards, primates, peacocks, hemorrhoids …

In terms of animals, in Ta Dung there are 574 species of 38 orders and 124 families. There are 37 species of rare animals that need to be protected. Animals in Ta Dung Lake have many species in the “red book” of Vietnam and the world such as deer, toong, leopard, primates, peacocks, hemorrhoids …

Ta Dung has 3 species of animals endemic to Vietnam: silver-cheeked langur, orange-cheeked ape, black-legged scrubbing langur. In addition, it is one of the three protected areas of Vietnam with yellow deer (also known as swamp deer), endemic to indochina and Thailand.

Ta Tung Lake
Animals in Ta Dung Lake are rich and diverse
Ta Tung Lake
Ta Tung Lake

Ta Dung Lake is also a place with many types of noble birds, there are many species in the red book of Vietnam. The number of birds here accounts for one-eighth of the country’s total and is one of the 222 endemic bird regions of the world. The typical birds in Ta Dung can be mentioned as: hemorrhoids, peacocks, white blue pheasant,…

The natural scenery is both unspoiled and poetic, lyrical

The highlight of Ta Dung National Park is Ta Dung Lake, which is likened to Ha Long Bay on the plateau. The lake is nearly 5,000 hectares of water, with more than 40 islands and peninsulas large and small.

Ta Dung Lake has a very unique natural landscape, but still retains its pristine beauty and extremely charming. Ta Dung Lake is considered a geographical and biological intersection between the Southern Highlands and the Southeast region.

In Ta Dung, the landscape still retains the unspoiled beauty of nature. Guests can take part in outdoor camping tours, enjoying the fresh natural air. Here, you can immerse yourself in the natural scenery extremely quiet.

Ta Tung National Park

Activities that can be participated in Ta Dung Lake:

  • Trekking explores
  • Sailing
  • Camping
  • Photograph
hồ tà đùng

Weather in Ta Dung Lake:

  • Cool, pleasant climate
  • Rainy season: from May to October
  • Dry season: from November to April next year

The scenery in Ta Dung still retains its unspoiled beauty, so it is recommended to give visitors camping tours, vacations, enjoying the atmosphere of the mountains and forests. It can be said that Ta Dung Lake is an ideal destination for visitors to stay away from urban smog, breathe fresh air and feel the peace of life.

Diverse cultural identity

In Ta Dung Lake, especially on both sides of the basin, the streams are inhabited by ethnic minorities in Dak Nong. Up to now, this place still contains the unique traditional cultural values of ethnic minority people in the Central Highlands. Ta Dung is also explored by many people who love to explore because this land has a long history and culture.

Up to now, although not as popular as before, this place still contains precious intangible cultural values: Highland gong, epic, rituals, typical festivals …

The majestic mountains combined with beautiful lakes make up the romantic scenery in Ta Dung. In addition, the indigenous cultural values also make Ta Tung a destination worth exploring.

Ta Dung Lake is a place with scenery combining majestic, unspoiled mountains along with beautiful and poetic lakes. In addition, the uniqueness in the cultural identity of the mountainous ethnic people here with many locations has not been explored, making Ta Dung Lake become an indispensable TREKKING spot for adventurous tourists.

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