Dak Nong is a province in the southwest of the Central Highlands, a place favored by nature with countless beautiful and mysterious landscapes. Moreover, the division and formation of Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake with clear blue water in the heart of thousands has made Dak Nong more sentient than anywhere else. Let’s learn about this place to discover this fresh and attractive beauty!



Thanks to the Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric project after being put into operation, it has turned a pristine valley into a large lake and stretches into a river to form the boundary between Dak Nong and Lam Dong provinces, the scenery here has completely changed and molted to create a far-right picture between the Thousand Highlands.

Dong Nai hydroelectric lake 4 water accumulations all year round make the scenery this place most special with the clear blue color of the water along with the vast green color of more than 26 thousand hectares of forest. Visitors come here to travel at any time of the year, to immerse themselves in the unspoiled nature, cool climate and admire the rich vegetation here.

Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4
Charming scenery at Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4

Around this reserve, there are many people and village merchants of the M’Nong people, Gilding live, the habitat here is suitable for growing coffee along with aquaculture.

Let’s take a look to discover the beauty of The Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake!


Dong Nai 4 hydropower project is a hydroelectric project built on Dong Nai River, in the land of Quang Khe town, Dak Glong district, Dak Nong province and Loc Bao commune of Bao Lam district, Lam Dong province.

Viewed from a distance, Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake is beautiful like a silk range, winding, winding and green. The blue here is not the color of the clouds and the water is not clear. The blue here hides the essence of the soil and mountains and hills, so it is green. At noon, when the sun begins to shine down, the lake surface sparkles and shines the shadow of the surrounding hills looking extremely shimmering and poetic.

Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4
Marina at Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4

The evening here is equally poetic when the small lights flash on the lake surface of the people who go fishing for a living. The nocturnal landscape here is almost entirely covered with darkness, so that you can feel the whole of the fresh nature and not be polluted by sound, light or air.

To discover and experience the beauty of Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake, you need the support of the rangers here for them to lead the way to the marina. To reach the marina of Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake, you have to go deep into the forest, the road here in the dry season can be moved by 16-seater car to get close to the lake shore. However, the last section you need to travel by special vehicle here to be able to get deep to the marina.

Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4
Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake

If you go in the rainy season, you may have to travel by motorbike to reach this location, and keeping it safe when traveling on the slippery road and next to the high cliffs and the area is extremely difficult for those who come here for the first time on their own.

It is difficult, but when you reach the marina, where you can experience the activities of exploring Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake will make you attracted and enjoy that.


Check-in at the marina

The marina of Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake is an ideal place to check-in for photos because of the eye-catching beauty of the green lake surface in harmony with the towering hills in the green cloudy scenery. Moreover, if you go to a group of a few people, this place can also be a place for a group of friends to eat and chat.

Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4
Check-in at Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake

The water here is gentle, not full of ripples. Standing on the shore you can also see in the water there are a lot of fish. The people here often only catch large fish for the purpose of livelihood, so the fish here are protected and developed in a stable and sustainable way.

Experience steam boating on Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake

With such a clear and gentle lake surface, if you do not try the feeling of steaming on the lake surface will be a disadvantage when you come to explore this place. To get this experience, you need to prepare carefully from inflating into the boat to preparing paddles and life jackets to ensure the safety of yourself and your companions on the trip.

Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4
Steam boating at Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4

The boat is a bit easy to row, even if you are a first-time person who knows this type, you can also try the experience, it is very interesting! The feeling of being released with the fresh nature, the water rolling green, the mountains and hills are around, the sky is much wider, just try once surely you will be fascinated by this feeling.

Some note when experiencing steam boating on Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake is that you can sit 2 people on the same boat but make sure at least 1 person knows how to swim, always be on the lookout for boat or paddle incidents so that you do not get confused during problems.

Down the boat along Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4

After experiencing steam boating on the lake surface, you can rent a large boat here to move along Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake to enjoy the beauty of the whole area.

The boat goes down the flow, each hill begins to appear, everything around is green, will be a great experience for those who love the mountains and forests and want to enjoy the feeling of being in harmony with nature, poetic rivers.

Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4
Enjoy at Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4

Sit on the side of the boat, watch the surroundings and enjoy. If you want, you can bring back to yourself countless magical shimmering photos without having to adjust the color. Or if you’re a music lover, then this will be a great time and place for you to drop your soul into those verses.

Moreover, you will probably pass by beautiful waterfalls such as Da Nul Waterfall in Lam Dong province. The boat can reach very close to the waterfall, and the water near the waterfall is also very shallow, suitable for visitors walking to the foot of the waterfall and feel the strongness of the currents pouring down from above. You can also bring a steam boat to this place to paddle to the foot of the waterfall without wading.

Dong Nai Hydroelectric Lake 4
Check-in Dong Nai 4 hydroelectric lake

Not stopping there, from The Waterfall of Dam Nul to another section, you will come across a small stream. The scenery here is extremely cool and the spring water also flows very gently. Visitors can camp or pinic by the side of the stream. Walking along this stream upstream, there will be times when you come across a lot of butterflies, butterflies in this area are not large, but a lot of colors and a lot of numbers. Taking pictures with butterflies is also a great idea!

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