Camping or camping is no longer a strange concept for young people. More and more young people are looking for camping, trekking, hiking to participate in experiences and challenge themselves. Referring to this form of travel, tents are indispensable items, but it is not yet known how to choose a camping tent to suit their needs. Let’s take a look at some ways to choose the right camping tent.


Choose a camping tent based on the number of users

Choosing tents according to the number of people in the market is very important, on the market there are many tents of different sizes such as 2-person tents, 4-person tents, 6-person tents and up to more than a dozen people. The number of people who can stay will usually be in the tent information section, when buying please pay attention to this information.

In addition, you should also note, since people often do not have the same appearance, those that are too tall or have a large body will also affect the comfort of using the tent. Candles when choosing you should choose a slightly larger size than the number of people, for example 3 people, you can choose tent 4 for example.

How to choose a camping tent
How to choose a camping tent
  • Choose a camping tent according to the environment used

Currently, there will be suitable types of tents on the market with different colors. Like summer tents, it will be quite airy, ventilated but not designed to suit harsh environments. The 3-season dose can withstand rain, wind and is likely to be a warm mid-year. In addition, the types of tents only have the upper cover, airy is very suitable for camping sessions, crowded picnics but this type of dose is not suitable for overnight stay.

How to choose a camping tent
How to choose a camping tent

2-layer tent and one-layer tent

On the market there are two types of tents: 1-class tent and 2-layer article. The compact one-layer tent is airy but water resistant quite poorly. The two-layer tent can stay warm and water resistant or some weather conditions. Therefore, 2-layer tents are usually preferred, but 2-layer tents are heavier and carry more bulky vultures.

Choose a camping tent based on the material

Material is a very important factor when buying a tent that you need to pay attention to. Most tents on the market are made from plastic fabrics so will be waterproof. The waterproofing of each type of tent will be different so you need to pay attention to the parameters of waterproofing that are left on the information part of the tent.

How to choose a camping tent
How to choose a camping tent – based on the material

The quality of the tent frame is also important that you need to pay attention to, the certainty of the tent when attending depends largely on the tent frame. On the market today, there are 2 types of tents as popular tent frames: fiberglass and aluminum frames. Each type will have its own advantages and the price will also vary, depending on the needs of use and the external conditions when using that you can consider when choosing to buy.

Besides, the details such as seams have been covered with waterproof plastic, the smoothness of the zipper, the tent door, the vent, the material of the tent pile, the accompanying accessories … You should also check before choosing your camping tent.

The price

The last factor that everyone must be interested in when choosing camping tents is the price. Tents on the market have a fairly diverse price segment, from nearly 1,000,000 VND to nearly 10,000,000 VND.

Cheap doses are often imported in China and have not high durability, not suitable for too many types of terrain and harsh times. If you plan to have long-term and frequent camping and trekking trips then investing in a good tent in the medium to high end segment is necessary to protect yourself as well as be able to use it long-term.

How to choose a camping tent
How to choose a camping tent – based on the price

Hopefully through this article you will have the reference information to choose the right types of tents to prepare for the trip.

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