Coming to Dak Nong you should definitely visit the Dak Nong Sound Museum, a special feature containing echoes of the Earth. Let’s see more articles below to discover the rare unique features of this museum!



Dak Nong Geological Park is located on the poetic, majestic M’Nong plateau with boundaries stretching across 5 districts and 1 city, including Krong Noi district, Dien Jút, Dak Mil, Dak Song, Dak G’Long and Gia Nghia city.

Dak Nong Global Geopark has a total area of 4760 km2, it was officially recognized by UNESCO as a Global Geopark in July 2020. The park is renowned for its international intangible and physical heritage values.

Dak Nong Sound Museum
Dak Nong Sound Museum

Along with other traditional folk instruments, the stone has accompanied the same land throughout the history of the area and was chosen to become the main symbol and melody of Dak Nong Global Geopark.

This unique sound, blended with the voices and lyrics of 40 ethnic groups with the tones of all 3 regions of the North – Central – South, along with the sound of wind, falls, the sound of flowers and flowers and the bustling sound of modern life has created a unique beauty for Dak Nong Geological Park – “Land of Tones”.

Coming to Dak Nong Geological Park – The Land of Tones – visitors will have the opportunity to experience 3 unique tourist routes: 1) The case of Fire and Water, 2) Symphony of the New Wind and listening, 3) Echoes from the Earth and many typical tourism products, Other attractions.

Located on the tourist route entitled “Echo of the Earth”, The Sound Exhibitor is a must-see destination on the journey to explore Dak Nong Geopark.


Dak Nong Sound Museum has an address in Nghia Duc ward, Gia Nghia city, built inside the Cultural Center of Dak Nong province. This is the place to display many rare special instruments that you definitely can not miss.

This museum is under the management of Dak Nong Global Geopark, this is the 32nd heritage site out of 44 heritage sites that Dak Nong Geopark established to serve the official evaluation process of UNESCO to recognize Dak Nong Geopark as a Global Geopark.

Museum of Sound
Dak Nong Sound Museum

The sound museum is built with a total area of 200m2, the sound exhibition house consists of 8 booths with 7 main themes: the sound of stone, the sound of fire, the sound of the wind, the sound of water, the sound of wood, the sound of light and the sound of man himself.

The sound exhibitor has been in operation since mid-2019, and officially charges, serving many visitors from the beginning of 2020. The ticket price for adults is 20,000 VND / ticket; Children’s tickets are $10,000 per ticket.


All the booths and instruments inside are created by scenocosme (France) artists for the Museum of Sound and are inspired by the sound of nature, that is: Kim – Moc – Water – Fire – Earth combined with modern technology applications. With the orientation of developing Dak Nong Geopark as the “Land of Sounds and Melodies”, the Sound Museum is a highlight for visitors to Dak Nong to witness and experience firsthand.

Museum of Sound
Dak Nong Sound Museum

It is the only sound museum in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. According to the People’s Committee of Dak Nong Province, the Sound Exhibition House is the highlight of dak Nong geopark area compared to other geological parks in the world.

Inside dak Nong sound museum are the wonders of sounds and instruments that have never been seen anywhere before, let’s continue to learn those unique features!


With 8 separate spaces, visitors will have access to sounds from the great thousands; it is the sound of the wind, of water, of wood, of fire and from the very interaction between man and nature and the sound from human daily life. The more you go inside, the more you’ll be intrigued by a journey that explores the incredibly impressive and unique sound, combining both past and present.

In addition to admiring the musical instruments and their special operation, visitors also have to see and experience firsthand the special sound levels created by themselves from these unique instruments. Dak Nong Sound Museum must be a must-see place for visitors every time dak Nong tourists visit Dak Nong.

Dak Nong Sound Museum
Dak Nong Sound Museum

The museum’s first gallery was called The Sound of Stone. Here, visitors will be able to admire the 5-bar set of stones. This is a set of stones found in Dac Ka Stream, Dac R’lak district, Dak Nong province dating from 2,500 to 3,000 years old and this set of stones is also the symbol of Dak Nong Geological Park.

However, according to Ms. Huyen Tram, Museum Guide, what makes this room special is the way to interact with each person’s instruments: “This is a musical interaction created by a group of French artists to help Dak Nong Geological Park create, Inspired by the music of the stone. The stones may seem inanimate, but when there is interaction, they will create miracles.

Dak Nong Sound Museum
Dak Nong Sound Museum

To do that miracle we use our hands to interact with the stone will produce the sound and echo of the sound depending on the location, on the part we are exposed to different stones, more or less. And Dak Nong Geopark has made this room the main room in its exhibition process.”

The Sound of the Wind Gallery, visitors will come across a wireless piano that is a Russian artwork that also relies on wind and wind to make sounds. And the uniqueness of this work is that just by using your hands to create a wind, the piano will immediately make a sound.

Coming to the Sound of Light gallery, visitors will admire the extremely new and unique Laser. Each sound gallery has its own special features and charisma characteristic of the “Land of Tones”. These special features always attract and retain visitors when coming to Dak Nong.

Dak Nong Sound Museum
Dak Nong Sound Museum

In addition, the Museum also preserves many traditional musical instruments of ethnic minorities in Dak Nong, contributing to preserving and preserving the national cultural identity for people and the land here.

With a very new design, the exhibition space shows a very high connection and interaction with the viewer. The Sound Museum will definitely be an impressive highlight for visitors when coming to Dak Nong.

When visiting Dak Nong, the land of the Central Highlands with countless magnificent landscapes and characteristic cultural features is still preserved completely and originally. Let’s explore Dak Nong and the beautiful things here!

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