Phu Quy Island is famous for its unspoiled beauty, the blue beach is seen to the bottom. The scenery of the country, the poetic sea makes this place attract many visitors to travel and experience. Discovering Phu Quy Island with extremely poetic beauty here!


Where is Phu Quy Island?

Phu Quy Island, also known as Thu Island, is located about 120km southeast of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. The island has a relatively small area, only about 16 km2 but in return on the island there are many beautiful scenery, landscapes and many rich natural resources and unspoiled and peaceful beauty.

This place attracts tourists by the blue beaches, beautiful white sand beaches and endless stretching, peaceful and extremely unspoiled scenery.

Discovering Phu Quy Island
Discovering Phu Quy Island – an emerging tourist paradise

Move to Phu Quy Island

The means of transportation from Phan Thiet city across Phu Quy island is by train. The trains to Phu Quy Island are Superdong-PQI, Superdong-PQII, Phu Quy Express, Phu Quy Island … travel time to the island from 2 to 3 hours, the ticket price is about 350,000 VND.

What season is suitable to discovering Phu Quy Island?

According to the experience of many people, it is best to go to work in the dry season, beautiful sunshine, avoid going into buying rain. The appropriate time to visit Phu Quy Island is in January to July, this is the time of spring to summer, the blue weather is very beautiful, the diving sea has no big waves and light wind, suitable for activities at sea.

Phu Quy Island
Discovering Phu Quy Island with great beauty

From July to November, there is often rain, storms on the island, cold weather and quite wet so it is best to go in the sunny season to have the best experience.

Accommodation and transportation on the island

On the island is very unspoiled so there are no hotels or resorts, but do not worry you can easily find homestays with prices from 300,000 VND to 500,000 VND / night.

To move on the island, you can rent a motorbike at homestays or surrounding houses with prices from 100,000 VND counting 150,000 VND / car, enough for 2 people to move and travel throughout the island.

Phu Quy Island
Discovering Phu Quy Island by boat

Location to Discovering Phu Quy Island

Although the island is small, there are many attractions, depending on the time that visitors stay on the island, visitors can choose the places to visit to suit their schedule!

  • Trieu Duong Bay

Trieu Duong Bay is a small beach located along a large road with a beach with a fine sand stretching and clear blue water, where there is also a flagpole marking sovereignty that visitors should check-in when coming here.

Phu Quy Island
Discovering Phu Quy Island – Trieu Duong Bay
  • Ganh Hang

It is one of the most beautiful beaches on Phu Quy Island. Surrounded by majestic black cliffs, when coming here, you can comfortably bathe in the sea and enjoy the cool blue water, snorkel or go for a walk, organize fun activities here.

  • Bai Nho

650m from The Hang, the small beach is a beautiful beach with a semicircular shape, hugging close to the mountain bed with clear blue sea water, smooth white sand, you can bathe at jute or take a photo walk checkin is also very good.

  • Dinh Cao Cat

Dinh Cao Cat is the highest mountain and is located in the north on Phu Quy Island with a height of 106m above sea level. This place has unique cliffs with horizontal grooves due to weathering, when checking-in here you will have extremely unique photos.

Phu Quy Island
Discovering Phu Quy Island with Dinh Cao Cat
  • Ong Van Thanh Fish Poetry Temple

The temple of Ong Van Thanh has not yet found the body of a whale washed up on Phu Quy Island in 1941, the people have discovered and buried the body solemnly. When here visitors can hear the stories of whales saving the boats of people in distress.

  • Phu Quy Island Wind Farm

There are a few wind columns here, you can choose a wide goc to catch the panoramic view here.

Interesting activities in Phu Quy Island

When visiting Phu Quy Island, you can experience as follows:

  • Bathing
  • Watch the sunrise and sunset on the island
  • See the coral
  • Take a boat trip to visit the surrounding small islands.
  • Take a motorbike ride around the island.
Phu Quy Island
Discovering Phu Quy Island – sunset at sea

What to eat on Phu Quy Island?

When traveling to the sea and islands, you must definitely enjoy the new seafood dishes, when exploring Phu Quy Island you can refer to a few types of seafood highlights here such as:

  • Moon crabs.
  • Fluorescent crab base
  • Cotton Grouper
  • Phu Quy hot cow.
  • Types of snails, shrimp,…
  • Octopus.
Phu Quy Island
Explore Phu Quy Island – enjoy the cuisine

Phu Quy Island with unspoiled natural scenery has attracted a lot of visitors in recent years, worthy of being the place to visit this summer.

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