Referring to the eco-tourism area in Dak Nong, visitors will immediately think of The Nam Nung nature reserve because the majestic unspoiled beauty of this place is still being preserved, preserved and promoted. Along with that is a unique and diverse system of waterfalls, streams and flora and fauna that attract visitors. Let’s find out the details of The Forest to discover the natural beauty of this place through the article below!

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The Nature Reserve of Nam Nung belongs to the administrative boundaries of 07 communes: Nam Nung, Tram N’Gor, Duc Xuyen (Krong Noi district), Quang Son commune (Dak Glong district) and Dak Hoa, Dak Mol,Âm N’Jang communes (Dak Song district).

The mouth of Nam Nung forest starts from Provincial Highway 6, about 20km from National Highway 14, to move here, from Gia Nghia city you move about 40km north to Nam Nung.

Nam Nung Thien Reserve
Nam Nung Nature Reserve

The reserve with the top of Nam Nung mountain (Horn of Buffalo Mountain) is likened to the “roof” of Dak Nong with an altitude of 1,500m. It is also the highest peak of the Southern Highlands. To the north of the mountain there is the Soropôk River and to the south is the upper Dong Nai River.

With a total area of more than 20,000 hectares, Nam Nung nature reserve has a characteristic rainforest with many dense plant floors. Located in the primeval forest area of the reserve, the Nam Nung Mountain Range is the place to divide the climate of Dak Nong province into two distinct areas, the south is mild and cool, the north is dry and hot. This mountain range therefore makes an important contribution to the development of The Nam Nung’s ecosystem.


The inherent natural beauty of Nam Nung nature reserve

Nam Nung Reserve is divided into several layers with different natural scenery. It is a primeval forest, blue disconnected from a color interspersed with winding red dirt roads, squeaking pine forests and cool air to help tourists feel the wildness, absolute purity.

Hidden deep in the mountains and forests is a National Historic Site that holds the vestiges of his father in the wars against the French colonialists and the American empire called the B4 resistance base – Inter-Zone IV. This is an important part that Dak Nong people have always preserved and preserved over the years. The time that you explore in The Nam Nung Nature Reserve will definitely help you have unforgettable experiences.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve
Streams in The Nam Nung Nature Reserve

The bright red foliage adorns the white water that pours down from the cliff, making this place both majestic and poetic. Be immersed in the streams, waterfalls with clear source water, in the green natural space, in the ears is the sound of forest birds chirping to call you, the rustling leaves are peaceful.

Because the reserve is large, to ensure the safety of visitors should follow the delegation or have specific instructions.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve with a variety of flora and fauna

This place is not large compared to the reserves in the Central Highlands but stands out thanks to the very diverse and rich forest ecosystem with tropical wet evergreen forest types. Nam Nung Nature Reserve has up to 881 species of vascular higher plants, including 75 rare species named in the Vietnam Red Book and the World Red Book such as: pus cheesy, curved leaf star, water oil, three-edged oak, red percussion … In particular, the three-edged oak tree was only discovered in 3 countries in the world: Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. Notably, there are up to 333 species of plants that can make medicines in the reserve.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve
The flora in Nam Nung is very rich

In terms of fauna, the reserve has 58 species of animals, of which 24 species in the Red Book are endangered such as black-legged scrubbing, squid civets, black apes, bulls … It also recorded 173 species of birds, including 13 rare birds, especially the Red Emperor – a large bird that is in serious decline. In addition, the reserve also appears 66 species of fish, 37 species of reptiles and 3 species of insects named in the Red Book of Vietnam in 2007: black flying crab, stalks, three-horned beetles.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve
Trekking of Nam Nung Nature Reserve

While admiring the unspoiled nature, while exploring the diversity of ecosystems from plants to animals of this place will definitely be a memorable experience for visitors.

Tram Nung Nature Reserve with a variety of beautiful landscapes

When you go deep into The Nam Nung Forest, you will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls of Dak Nong. One of them is the Seven-Storey Waterfall, a large and extremely majestic waterfall in the heart of the thousands of beautiful Central Highlands.

To reach this place you have to walk through tens of kilometers of forest roads, through the ranger stations here, through the vertical slopes. This road will consume a lot of energy, but when you reach this place, you will feel extremely satisfied because you can see the masterpiece of nature firsthand.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve
View at The Nam Nung Nature Reserve

Going further into the core of Nam Nung forest for tens of kilometers, you will reach the Bear Falls, Len Gun Falls and the beautiful Luu Ly Waterfall. The streams poured down from the top of Nam Nung, passing through the stone steps forming a very majestic waterfall. It is the unspoiled nature of The Nam Nung Reserve that has attracted a lot of visitors to visit.


The climate in Nam Nung is also divided into 2 distinct seasons: the rainy season and the dry season. From April to October every year, this place enters the rainy season. At this time, the vegetation in Nam Nung became fresher and the water from upstream poured to make the waterfalls even more majestic. This is the best time to explore the eco-tourism area.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve
Nam Nung Nature Reserve

However, you need to note that equipping anti-slip shoes is good to keep it safe when moving in the forest in the rainy season. Besides, this season is also a time when there are a lot of squeezes and snakes, so you should wear the right clothes, compact and convenient to check every time you stop to rest!


This is an extremely exciting and exciting experience for those who love nature and have a great passion for exploring trekking. To camp here, you need to get the ranger’s consent here. Tents and supplies necessary for camping as well as food and drinks need to be carefully prepared.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve
Camping at The Nam Nung Nature Reserve

When camping here, you will feel the full beauty of nature at night. At the time when the forest and mountains come to life, all the sounds are as mixed as settling, giving way to the flora and fauna here in harmony.

In the evening, set up a camp together, cook and then gather together to enjoy the specialties of the Central Highlands mountains and forests. The conversation clearly shows the generosity of people who share the same passions and interests, the experience after each trip will be the best thing left.

Nam Nung Nature Reserve
Prepare food while camping at The Nam Nung Nature Reserve

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