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Traveling to the sea is always the choice of many people during the vacation. In addition to enjoying the cool water, blue sea and white sand, do not forget to enjoy delicious seafood dishes when visiting the sea.


Clams, clams, snails

These are quite familiar types of seafood you can find anywhere when traveling separately. Types of clams, clams, snails such as: snails, rice snails, suction snails, scallops, scallops, scallops, blood scallops, clams, mussels,… You can make a lot of delicious dishes from delicious seafood such as grilled, sautéed, steamed,…

delicious seafood
Clams, oysters, snails – delicious seafood


Lobster is a delicious seafood that many people love, lobster caught right at sea is even better. You can make a lot of delicious dishes from this expensive seafood: grilled lobster cheese, grilled lobster with onion fat, salted roast lobster, beer steamed lobster,…

delicious seafood
Lobster – delicious seafood

Sea crab

Traveling to the sea without enjoying the crabs, your trip is not complete. Sea crab has a sweet meat and has a fairly reasonable price and can also process a lot of delicious dishes such as steamed crab, roasted crab, crab hotpot,.. Guaranteed to give you and your friends and family a grand and extremely attractive crab party.

delicious seafood
Crab – delicious seafood

Sea urchins (Sea Velvet)

Sea urchins are also known as sea urchins, thorn bridges,.. This is a delicious seafood that is quite familiar to many people who like to eat seafood. Sea velvet is a dish with extremely high nutritional content, behind the shaggy crust are attractive patches of golden velvet meat. Sea velvet is processed into many delicious dishes such as: Sea velvet grilled onion fat, sea velvet porridge,..

delicious seafood
Sea urchins – delicious seafood


delicious seafood
Sam – delicious seafood


Squid is a delicious seafood that is all too familiar to us, the squid caught near the sea is even fresher. The fresh, affordable squid can prepare all kinds of delicious dishes such as grilled squid, squid hotpot,… In addition, you can also buy dried ink to make gifts for relatives.

delicious seafood
Squid – delicious seafood

Sea jellyfish

Jellyfish is a familiar sea seafood with a strange taste that has good cooling properties, especially the famous jellyfish salad, in addition to some places also sell jellyfish noodles like in Nha Trang that you should try.

delicious seafood
Jellyfish – delicious seafood


It has a sweet taste, coolness and is loved by many people. This is also considered a type of product located in the sea of Quang Ninh. Fresh fetish can prepare dishes such as sweet and sour stir-frying, frying, grilling, cooking porridge … And many other delicious dishes.

delicious seafood
Fetish – delicious seafood


Shrimp meat is both delicious and sweet, with the characteristic taste of the sea and the taste is not the same as other shrimp. The way of processing shrimp is not very fussy, just steamed, boiled or baked, dotted with lemon pepper salt or tamarind fish sauce is enough to hold the feet of customers in all regions … Especially the dried shrimp. It’s delicious, chewy, and naturally sweet.

delicious seafood
Prawns – delicious seafood


Abalone has so far been considered a tasteful moat paint for “pearl bowls” rich in medicinal properties, capable of replenishing, increasing gas, cooling down, strengthening the vitality of men, helping to brighten the eyes, treat cough, indigestion. Both the shell and intestines of abalone are used as medicines for healing and replenishment. Abalone eat raw like sasimi or processed into delicious and nutritious cashew dishes.

delicious seafood
Abalone – delicious seafood

Seafood always attracts diners when traveling to the sea. Here’s a list of the types of seafood you can try when traveling to the sea.

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