Backpacking is no longer so strange to those who have a passion for moving. One of the ways to both save and provide many interesting experiences for participants is camping overnight. Today, EXP Travel would like to introduce you to fun activities when camping is necessary for beginners to learn.

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This is also the issue that many travel participants are most interested in. There are 2 options for camping places that you can consider, which is whether there is a fee or no fee.

Paid locations

For paid camping areas, you will not need to waste time and effort on the preparation process, Capturing the needs of customers. Understanding the psychological needs of customers, many units have organized the business of yard rental services and camping equipment. These areas are often invested very well, full of necessary tools to suit the needs of each different group.

Fun activities when camping
Fun activities when camping


  • These are safely protected locations, you can comfortably camp overnight without any factors affecting the activities of your group.
  • Full rental for those who are not yet available or do not have the conditions to equip themselves


  • There is little choice because the camping area is restricted.
  • It’s expensive to rent for a long time.

Free location

For free places, you have to put more effort into learning and choosing the most suitable place for your delegation. However, this process offers some of the following advantages:

  • Flexibility of time, comfortable to organize activities
  • Camping in unique, strange places that not everyone can know


  • Prepare everything when you join.
  • It takes a long time to find out, clean up.
  • The level of safety is not guaranteed.
Fun activities when camping
Fun activities when camping

Check the weather

Regardless of the direction of camping, the first thing to do before starting the trip is to check the weather forecast situation of the participating days for a safe preparation. Especially when camping in risky areas such as forests and mountains, this is extremely necessary. When detecting weather factors such as storms, low pressures, strong wind gusts, you should postpone to ensure safety and keep the fun for the trip.

Activities when camping

Recreational activities play a very important role to ensure that you get an enjoyable camping trip. Let’s take a look at some of the basic activities suitable for all camping trips!

Fun activities when camping
Fun activities when camping


This is an indispensable activity on your trip. Depending on the conditions of the trip, you can organize cooking activities from simple to sophisticated. In the process of preparing ingredients, depending on the ability to prepare, you can cook simple or sophisticated dishes. Dishes that can be prepared quickly such as packaged noodles, sausages or canned goods are indispensable in each trip.

Fun activities when camping
Fun activities when camping

If you have camping utensils, in the evening you can organize more barbecues to make the trip more interesting. Some of the preferred ingredients for grilling can be considered: bacon, beef, chicken, sausage, american corn,… Also, do not forget to bring more drinks such as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages that can be used but must ensure safety.


Campfire burning is an indispensable activity when participating in camping. In the evening, the outdoor temperature drops low, burning a campfire will help the air become warmer. During the campfire, the members of the group gathered for the fire, chatted together, helping to unite the people in the delegation. In addition, you can also prepare more music speakers, decorative lights for the space more warmth.

Fun activities when camping
Fun activities when camping

Singing by the campfire with aucostic instruments is also a very memorable experience. Guitar is a musical instrument favored by rustic substances suitable for campfires at night full of romance. In addition, you can also take advantage of fire coal to bury corn or baked sweet potatoes to sip in the conversation, creating more activities for the members to participate.

Observe, learn about nature.

When participating in camping in a desolate place, in addition to taking photos, check – in, do not forget to explore the natural scenery here. Especially for families with young children, this activity is very useful for the formation and intellectual development of the baby.

Fun activities when camping
Fun activities when camping

Camping in places with diverse ecosystems will help you become more interested with diverse fruits, amazing creatures that you have never explored. However, it is necessary to learn and equip knowledge about poisonous plants or signs of dangerous toxins to be able to confidently explore you.

Mini game

Organizing games while camping will make the trip more enjoyable. Before each camping journey, you should build outdoor activities for your whole crew. A few simple games also help to make the atmosphere much more exciting. If we do not have time to prepare, we can equip a few sets of flags or entertainment card games for the group’s trips.

Fun activities when camping
Mini game – fun activity when camping


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