In recent years, trekking is no longer a strange form of exploratory tourism, especially for those who have a passion for experiencing in rugged terrain. During a trekking trip, you have to regularly move through the mountainous terrain, the weather is sometimes unfavorable. Therefore, to get a safe trekking trip, you need to carefully study the weather, distance and experience required for each trip. Today EXP Travel will suggest you 10 essential items when trekking!


Identity documents, money

On any trip, whatever form you take, you need to always carry your id with you. This will make it easier for you to move through the areas. Especially for places like national parks, nature reserves,… Visitors can be subject to quite strict censorship. When trekking long distances, the id must be contained in a waterproof bag and stored in the tightest compartment of the backpack.

Necessary items when trekking
Identity documents – essential items when trekking

The cost of a trekking trip is not too poor. Especially when you choose mountainous areas or rugged, less populated areas. The preparation of takeaway food is the most practical. However, you also need to prepare some cash in case of necessity.


Backpacks are very important items in every trip. Choosing a backpack that is suitable for trekking is also not easy. A good backpack needs to ensure good durability, withstanding the weight of furniture during long movements. If possible, you should choose one more criterion for your backpack, which is that the fabric is waterproof from external agents.

If you do not have enough funding, you can prepare more plastic bags or raincoats in case of unexpected rain and wind. In the experience of trekking participants, you should choose backpacks with belts and bars to support the back, abdomen and chest from well-known brands to ensure quality.

Climbing shoes

During a trekking trip, participants need to travel long distances and many rugged mountainous terrains. Therefore, a good and durable pair of shoes both protects your feet, creating more comfort when moving. If possible, you should choose shoes that are durable, suitable for trekking activities.

Necessary items when trekking
Sneakers – essential items when trekking

When choosing shoes, you should choose shoes that fit your feet or can be 1 size wide. It is not recommended to wear shoes through as this will make the wearer feel uncomfortable, the movement becomes more difficult. Do not forget to prepare a lot of socks to change for the whole trip, limit the wearing of shoes or socks for a long time!

Trekking costumes

Trkking is not a mass sport that people can easily participate in. Trekking people are always required to ensure good health vfs resilient toughness strength. Choosing the right outfit helps reduce the weight of the body mass, from which it becomes easier to move. You should prepare sportswear, limit short pants to prevent from being attacked by pests.

Necessary items when trekking
Dress for trekking – essential items when trekking

Usually, we will bring compact, highly permeable clothes. At night, the temperature in the mountain forest is low, you need to prepare an extra warm shirt. When trekking, you also have to prepare enough underwear to be able to change for many days. It is recommended to choose underwear from coton materials to be more comfortable to move.

Moss, sleeping bag

Moss and sleeping bags are indispensable items when traveling during trekking trips. Camping overnight is the ideal and least expensive option for long-distance trips. The weather in the mountains is quite cold and foggy, so you should choose a sleeping tent and sleeping bag to keep warm well, but at the same time still have to ensure compactness to be able to carry easily.

Necessary items when trekking
Sleeping tents – essential items when trekking

Depending on the number of people participating in trekking, you can choose the number of sleeping tents in a reasonable way. On average, each sleeping tent can accommodate 2-3 people. Therefore, using sleeping tents when staying in long distances helps you and the trekking participants in the delegation save significant cost savings.

Water and food

After you have prepared the above, do not forget to bring water and food because this is an indispensable item when participating in trekkng, especially when moving in places where few people live. Depending on the time of the trip, you can prepare the amount of food and water so that it is reasonable and balanced for carrying luggage.

The necessary food for the trip that you can bring is some prepackaged food such as packaged noodles, sausages, canned goods, confectionery, … If you want to cook directly at the camping place, do not forget to equip a set of gas stoves and accompanying cooking utensils to make the trip more interesting.

essential items when trekking
Cooking utensils – essential items when trekking

Medical instruments

No matter what form you choose to travel, skin grinding will be inevitable. Especially for those who have a passion for trekking, this veiecj is no longer too strange. Therefore, you need to prepare a necessary medical kit when an ambulance, or simply personal duct tape or bandages, red pills,… You should also prepare some vitamin drugs, effervescent C, strengthen resistance to support somewhat for the trip.

Maps, compasses, GPS

Currently, when participating in trekking, most people often have a team leader, who has a lot of knowledge about the distance. However, you should bring maps, compasses, GPS during your trip. If you are a person who likes to explore in the forests, you can experience it yourself through the roads by searching for locations or maps. Otherwise, you can still plan to use it in case of need, or get lost in the forest.


First, the phone is a necessary item when trekking forest and mountain roads. If possible, you should retrofit your camera so that you can maintain it in the absence of electricity. Want the camping session in the evening to be more interesting, depending on the conditions, you can bring a speaker to play music, or guitar!

Necessary trekking supplies

If you are a person who has experience of trekking, items such as sticks, ropes, lighters, multipurpose ropes,… It will be indispensable on your trip. These items will be extremely useful when you cross rough terrain such as steep mountains, deep caves,…

esential items when trekking
Essential items when trekking

Thus, we have learned together through 10 necessary items when participating in adventure trekking. If you are an inexperienced person in trekking, you need to note the above information to get an interesting trip!

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